All routes are circular and start and finish outside Baywest Entrance 4.


The 18km route takes runners over the un-used N2 bridge and towards the Greenbushes radio mast before turning South and passing the abandoned Chelsea railway siding. This unique landmark used to serve as a stop along the Apple Express train route in its heyday. The rundown railway building is still there as well as several dilapidated narrow gauge coaches, making for an interesting landmark at your first water point.
At around the halfway mark, runners will cross under the N2 following the old train line and then make their way through some singletrack trails and then on to the finish line.
There are 2 water points on the 18km route to ensure that runners are kept well hydrated and fuelled up.


18km Elevation Profile


The 12km shares the same route as the 18km for the first 9km and then splits off for a short loop of singletrack through the Baywest trail network.
The 12km race also features 2 well stocked water points.


12km Elevation Profile


The 6km route is a relatively easy one, suited to casual runners or even walkers. This route incorporates the best of the Baywest Trails singletrack and has 1 water point.


6km Elevation Profile


PLEASE NOTE: Sections of the routes traverse private land and we have special permission to use this on race day. We kindly request that you do not trespass on any private property outside of the race.

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